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Ongoing Local Events


Shumei International Institute offers daily prayer in sanctuary, 7:50am and 5:50pm, 256-5284

Aarati, Haidakhandi Ashram, 7am & 5pm, 256-4108


Church in the Valley, Sunday school ( 11 am ), worship ( 11 :45 ), 5th & Gunnison , Saguache, 655-2012
Chenrezig Sadhana, 9am . Sitting Meditation, Nyinthun, 10am-12pm KTTG Stupa House, S. Carefree Way, 256-4694, 256-4282
Open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, POA Hall, 7pm , 256-4250, 256-4037
Insight (vipassana) Meditation, 5:30pm , Peter 256-4306 Crestone Baptist Church ,Sunday School (1 Oam), Worship ( 11 am ), 256-4625


Oriental Dance [Intermediate) presented by Sacred Dance, 4:30pm , 256-4386, or 888-226-6274
Hatha Yoga at Jillian's studio, 5:30-7pm , 256-5129
Alanon meeting, POA Hall, 5pm , 256-4250 or 256-4320
Chant & meditation, Sanctuary House yurt, 7pm, 256-5199


Ladies' Golf Group at Challenger, 8:30am
Crestone Chorale weekly rehearsals, 6:45pm , at Hazlerig Music House, 256-4861 (begin Sept. 7)
"Gentle Yoga" at Jillian's studio, 10:30-11 :30 , $5/class, 256-5129
Love to Dance? Free-form movement. Studio donation. Join Nancy , Jillian's studio, 5-6:30pm , bring music, 256-4659
Weekly Fire Training, 5:30pm at Baca Fire House (by announcement)
Alcoholics Anonymous, open meeting, Free Spirit Church , Moffat, 6pm
Youth Taiko Drumming classes, 4-6pm , 256-5284


Adult Taiko Drumming classes, 7-9pm , 256-5284
Church in the Valley, Women's Bible Study, Saguache, 7pm , 655-2012
Ladies' Lunch, 11 :30, Desert Sage,
HIVlAlDs testing, $10, first Wednesday each month, call Rose 719-754-2773
Hatha Yoga, 5:30-7pm , 256-5129
Kathak-Classicallndian Dance, presented by Sacred Dances, 3:30pm , 256-4386
Reiki at Rainbow Healing Center, 7pm , 256-4110
Chant & meditation, Sanctuary House yurt, 7pm , 256-4420
Crestone Baptist Church ,Dinner, fellowship and prayer, 6:30pm , 256-4625



Watercolor class with Jo Anne Kiser, Crestone Artisans Gallery, 120 Cottonwood , 256-4732
Men's Golf Group at Challenger, 8:30am
Teen Golf Group at Challenger, 5-7pm
Youth in Performance, Errol Drake, 256-4861


Church in the Valley, Crestone/Baca Bible Study, 7:30pm , 256-4111
Music & BBO at Challenger Golf Club through summer
Natya Yoga presented by Sacred Dances, 4:30pm , 256-4386, or 888-226-6274
Oriental Dance (Beg.) presented by Sacred Dance, 4:30pm , 256-4386, or 888-226-6274
Youth Taiko Drumming classes, 3-5pm , 256-5284
Women's Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, closed, at 11 am . Bette 256-5095, Teddi 256-4114
Bible Readings & Discussions, 7:30pm , 256-4094
Chant & meditation, Sanctuary House, 7pm, 256-4211


Youth Taiko Drumming classes, 3-5pm , 256-5284
Crestone Saturday Market, ongoing from May 15 through summer, 9am-2pm , 588-0865
Teaching Young Wings to Fly, children's class ages 4-6, presented by Sacred Dance, 10am , 256-4386

Ongoing Monthly Events

Crestone Town Council meeting, Town Hall, 1:30pm (2nd Mon.)
Sub-Area Planning Commission, POA Hall, 9am (2nd Thurs.)
Crestone Charter School Governing Council meeting, 7pm(2nd Wed.)
E&AC Meeting, POA Hall, 5-7pm (summer months 2nd & 4th Thursdays)
(winter months only 2nd Thursday-10/03-3/04)
Saguache County Commissioners Meeting, Saguache County Courthouse, 9 am (1st & 3rd Tuesdays, and sometimes 5th Tues., if there is one)
Baca Grande Library Board meeting, POA Hall, 2pm, 256-4100
(usually 2nd Fri each month)
Moffat School Board Meeting, Round Room, 4:15pm (3rd Monday)
POA Board meeting, POA Hall, 7 pm (3rd Thursday)
POA monthly meeting, POA Hall, 7pm,
Kit Carson Rod and Gun Club, POA Hall, 7:30pm, 256-4046 (2nd Tues.)
Open Space Alliance, call Mary Johnston, 4960
CB Network Test, radio check channel 37, 5pm (2nd Monday)
Crestone Baca Land Trust, 4:30pm at Studio behind Northern Valley Realty. (3rd Friday) or Crestone Baca Land Trust at Jim McCalpin.s,500 E. Galena, 4:30pm, 256-5227
Full Moon
Full Moon fire ceremony, 10:08am, Haidakhandi Ashram, followed by a meal, 256-4185 or 256-4108
New Moon
New Moon Fire Ceremony at 10:08am, Haidakhandi Ashram, followed by a meal, 256-4185 or 256-4108
Morning of Meditation, Sanctuary House yurt, 9am-12:30pm, 256-4420 (2nd Sunday each month)10/8-discontinue until further notice
Monthly Philosophy/Jyorei Class at Shumei II, 10:50am (Sat. before 1st Sun.)
Monthly Sampai at Shumei II, 10:50am (1st Sunday each month)
Alcoholics Anonymous, POA Hall, 7pm, 256-4250 or 655-2419 (Sundays)
Crest-One is on the calendar every two weeks, alternating order and pick-up:
Crest-One Buying Club.s order date. 256-4790
Crest-One Buying Club.s pick-up date. 256-4790
Men.s Prayer Breakfast (2nd Saturday each month), 8am at On th Way Café in Moffat, Tom 256-4930, 256-4277
Baca Grande Water and San. Dist.: Board of Directors meeting at the District office, 9am, 256-4310 (usually 3rd Sat.)


Note: All ongoing events must be confirmed and new items given to the Eagle
by the 25th of each month to be included in the next issue's publication. Please
submit event in writing or email:

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