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Crestone Peak
Crestone Peak

The Internet Sacred Text Archive

This is a quiet place in cyberspace
devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship

Strange Lights

Strange Lights is a Crestone Colorado band
playing melodic rock, indie, pop, and psycho folk styles.

Videos (Gregs Electric Tryke)


"The Do One Thing List"

1.) Introduce this video and other alike to your close ones.

2.) Do your best not to consume processed foods, or the least a possible.

3.) Consider planting a seed of a fruit or vegetable in a pot or your back yard. Once you see the harvest,
it will motivate you into planting others.

4.) Eat less, but HEALTHIER = this shrink your stomach, and thus a healthier vibrant body

5.) Exercise = see previous point.

6.) Become an "expert" and teach others. ♥


Cure for CANCER (link)



Effects of Chlorine in Our Drinking Water

Giza Gardens

NEW, Homes for Sale (link)


Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph from on Vimeo.


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(Random Daily Quote from The lighted Ones(
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Growing Domes in Crestome
32 Growing Domes in Crestone Colorado

New Domes in 2011?, 2 on the way :)

View My Picassa GrowingDome Construction Gallerys HERE

Picture yourself inside a beautiful geodesic dome, surrounded by a variety of succulent green plants and colorful organic produce, while outside snow is gently falling. A fantasy? No, a reality! (web site)



Find out what's on your food at:
Crestone MAp
Click on map to download/view or,
in .pdf format
Updated 03-07-2005

Crestone Colorado
The Shambala of the Rockies

by Allison Rae
and 4 Corners Magazine

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