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Alternative Medicine Cancer Therapies
that have worked for thousands

"This book contains seven natural cancer remedies that are effective,
inexpensive, and readily available."

Guidance & Channelings

This set of divine guidance cards was channeled from the Lighted Ones.

     The Lighted Ones are a group of seven that are in spirit form. They have been a part of my life since 1987 and have assisted thousands of people since then. They are here for your spiritual growth, to help you with your life path, and remind you that you are a divine being in a human form.

     The polar fleece bag is homemade and no two are alike. Put your cards in the bag and draw a card each day. Ponder or meditate on the message, to give you an expanded perspective on your world, peace for your soul, or assist you in your growth as a divine being.

With love,
Pamela Rose


Order One set of Divine Guidance Cards ($18.00 +$4.00 shipping)

Order One set of Divine Guidance Cards Channeled just for you, your family or business. Fleece pouch will also be hand pick just for you by the lighted ones($108.00 +$4.00 shipping)



Channelings by email

Have your questions answered by the Lighted Ones through Email (not posted online) $10.00 per question

Credit cards accepted

Prepay for Channelings in 30 min increments ($35.00 + $4.00 for shipping of taped session)

Credit cards accepted

Prepay for Channelings in One hour increments ($70.00 + $4.00 for shipping of taped session)

Pamela's Cart

You of course may also receive a free channeled message at anytime on the Q&A page


Music by Local Artists

David de Michelle
David de Michelle


Jim Bowie
Blazing and Melting
17 songs (full 74 minutes)

Ted Brumm
"Goin' with the Flow"
First off, I would like to thank you for purchasing Goin' with the flow. This CD was a labor of love for me to record. Although I have recorded a lot of music in my 30 years of playing, this is my first time I've "put it out there" with only my songs on it. I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to Goin' with the flow as much as I have enjoyed making it.
13 songs ($15 plus shipping)


Aphrodite Potion for Love:
The one everyone wants! Use to attract the most correct and loving
relationships into your life. Increases love, harmony and passion in already existing relationships. Also opens up creativity
and communication. ~ $10.00 plus shipping
Aqua Vitae Solstice Potion:
This 'water of life' preserves and activates the power of the sun at it's height! Increases health, joy, vitality, wealth, love, creativity and
overall good fortune! ~ $25.00 plus shipping
Protection Potion:
Use to protect from all negativity and harm. Helps to purify thoughts and emotions. ~ $20.00 plus shipping






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