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The Maki House, on 3+ acres, ready to finish, contact Eric Maki 719-480-0042 /
ROCK BOTTOM PRICING: I own 3.06 acres in the Baca Grande subdivision that I am looking to sell. The property is fully off-grid with 600+ watts of PV on a custom tracker with MPPT charge controllers feeding a healthy 3000AH 12v battery bank with diesel backup generator. The well is very deep for this area and makes lots of clean water from a dual voltage DC well pump filling a 200 gallon cistern, then DC and AC pressure pumps for domestic use. Small, flourishing gardens (summer), a small 'greenroom' on the south side of an almost liveable utility shed, and a good start on a 1200 sq ft house make this an easy 'move in and finish it' type of project. Pictures available upon request. Approved plans to continue building from. Septic, leachfield, power, and water all ready to use. House is 40% complete and I am still working on it. House design is solid passive solar - I have built lots of them now and this one will heat and cool itself for free. Lots of building materials (doors, windows, insulation, plumbing, electrical, roofing... ) all on site ready for use. I love this land, but its time for me to move on after 16+ years here. I will finance with a solid contract for $35k down and $35k in payments at $1000 per month or I will accept $60k in cash. Buyer pays all transfer fees and closing costs. This is a great deal for what you get.  If you want to get out of the city or just a chance to own your own land here is a great opportunity. Maki's also selling: 1985 Suzuki LT230s 4-wheel ATV.  Runs great, lots of new parts- FUN!  No plastics.  $800 obo 1979 Honda CB750f SuperSport motorcycle- needs one new mirror- otherwise ready to ride-               it runs great, also has lots of new parts- also lots of FUN!!   $1,500 obo 1972 Camper trailer in decent shape, liveable, sunroof leaks, needs some work,              but has good gas appliances (fridge, stove/oven, furnace, water heater).  $800 obo 1983/93 Dodge Cummins Flatbed Truck- 400hp, 25+mpg.  Custom, built, jacked and ready for almost anything.  $12,000 obo
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