Crestone area phone listings
We are finalizing layout and design of a local phonebook similar to our old Blue phonebook
(5.5"x8.5") ads are now on sale

listings are free (Name, Phone), The Area phone list was donated by Columbine Tel Co.
if you would rather NOT be included or if you would like additional information added
please contact us: or Pamela Rose at 256-4323 (not affiliated with Columbine Tel. Company)
Extras $1.00 line 40 characters per line (2 line Max)
(Address, PO#, Web site, E-mail (you may also omit any info, even your phone#)

we recommend RVGraphix 256-4323 (web), Digital Pen and Ink 256-5018 (web) and Pared Down Design 256-5300

you might also check out other local graphic designers (here)

Ads will start at $25.00 (1/8 Size 2.45 "x1.875") , Bolded Names $1.00
A limited number of Full color ads will be available at Cost Plus $20.00

Donations for Ads and phone book are to cover Costs, and support N.H.N.
All moneys above cost of printing go to Neighbors Helping Neighbors (501-3-C)

NHN Logo design by Digital Pen & Ink 719-256-5018 /

*may be turned Vertical 3.725 x 2.45

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Calender Guys

is a non-profit, 501-C-3 charitable organization serving the Crestone/Moffat community since 1998.
We bring the community together in supporting the well-being of households in crisis.
NHN has no administrative costs or expenses so every penny raised goes back into the community to help another.
Members of our community donate everything for our fundraisers: money, time, talent, services, products, and for this calendar, body and soul.
Goes to show, we will do almost anything to help a neighbor in need! Anyone facing a challenge can contact NHN for assistance at (719) 256-5458.
We welcome financial donations at any time. Please send your check to NHN, Box 822, Crestone, CO 81131. To order a calendar $15.00 +2.00 Shipping, email:

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